Spicks and Specks Muzo New Song Game



  • Imagination Muzo is the best music party game where you can take your personal play-lists into battle!
  • Simple connect your favourite streaming service from any device and game night is on.
  • This addition sets the stadium as per the rules of Spicks and Specks providing a hilarious hit parade of musical trivia and tasks to reach the Final Countdown before the other team beats you to it!
  • Proving over all that there is one song to rule them all.

WARNING, SAMLL PARTS, Chocking Hazzard Not suitable for Children

  • 59 x Muzo Cards (containing 10 x Aus Music Cards)
  • 13 x Winner of the round Cards
  • 6 x Hit/Cut Counters
  • 6 x Title Counters
  • 6 x Artist Counters
  • 1x Player Guide


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